Gavin Sisters

The One Day Detox: 15th June 2022

Feeling stuck and unmotivated? Can’t shift those extra pounds? Tired of repeating the same old patterns?

This one day reset looks at our habits, daily routines, and lifestyle to inspire you to make positive changes that create more energy, focus and happiness.

The day looks at the four pillars of health, exercise, nutrition, sleep and relaxation and how we can use these to optimise both our productivity and wellbeing. We look at the stories we tell ourselves and how we can transform these stories to become the best versions of ourselves.

The day is a series of talks, demonstrations, and workshops to inspire, engage and motivate you to not only prioritise your wellbeing but understand the huge benefits.

Whats included?

Set in the beautiful
  • Organic smoothies, juices and plant-based lunch cooked by our natural vegan chefs.

  • Fresh leaf teas, organic coffee and freshly baked healthy snacks.

  • Morning yoga for all levels

  • Nutritional workshop on boosting energy levels, weight loss and creating healthy habits that stick.

  • Guest expert and talk on the four pillars of health.

  • Sound mediation gong bath.

  • Mindful silent walk followed by setting intentions workshop.

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