Dr Jeffrey Rediger – Healing, Hope & Health

Today’s guest is Dr Jeffrey Rediger, who is a distinguished medical doctor and author of the book Cured, who says there is much more to healing than we think! After reading his book Cured and learning of how he studied hundreds of patients who had spontaneous remission, we knew we wanted him on our show.

We discuss the power of the placebo, and his investigations into what was really happening at a renowned healer’s institution (John of God) in Brazil. John of God had been endorsed by Oprah and thousands claim to be cured of incurable diseases by him.

He is now in prison for sexual assault. We talk about the power of faith, food and environment and how this can alter the trajectory of a disease from end stage cancers to crippling autoimmune diseases. In this incredibly inspiring episode Dr Jeffrey Rediger simply illuminates and after spending an hour with him you are inspired to be better! We are taught the principles of living well, how to thrive and what we can do to heal our lives.

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