Welcome to Gavin Sisters, where health meets humour, and transformation takes centre stage! Meet the dynamic duo behind this wellness haven: Lauretta and Sharon, two sisters who are an acclaimed comedy double act with a shared passion for healthy, plant-based living without the "hippy dippy" vibes.

Sharon's journey to wellness is an inspiring story of triumph over adversity. Battling a rare autoimmune disease, she found herself covered in a chronic rash with severe muscle weakness which at times left her wheelchair bound. Determined to reclaim her health, Sharon embarked on a transformative path. Extensive research and trial-and-error led her to the healing power of a plant-based diet. Cutting out alcohol, processed foods, and sugar. She left her husband, moved in with her sister and as two single mums they started to turn their lives around. Lauretta retrained as a natural vegan chef creating delicious and healing foods and after many highs and lows they witnessed a remarkable transformation in her health. 

The Gavin Sisters are dedicated to spreading their narrative and encouraging individuals to uncover their unique routes to well-being. Whether you aspire to make small dietary improvements or embark on a transformative lifestyle journey, the Gavin Sisters stand ready to offer guidance and motivation, inspiring you along the way.

A health and wellness retreat like no other, hosted by The Gavin Sisters – a pair who effortlessly blend wellness with laughter. Whatever your reasons are for taking some time out, we believe in creating the right energy to thrive, and as a natural byproduct of this, you will rediscover your vitality, de-stress, lose weight, and embrace a healthier lifestyle. The Detox Barn is not just a wellness retreat; it's an experience designed to challenge the stories we tell ourselves about limitations and pave the way for lasting transformation.


Why choose The Detox Barn?

Experience a range of talks, demos, and wellness workshops igniting inspiration and motivation. Elevate your well-being and uncover the immense benefits of embracing a wholesome lifestyle. learn about plant based nutrition, fitness, rest,  and how to optimise your mental health.

Well, it's not just us singing its praises. Recognized by reputable publications like The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Evening Standard, The Detox Barn has also earned its spot among the best UK wellness retreats for 2024, according to Conde Nast.

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