Lauretta and Sharon are sisters with a passion for healthy plant-based food without being hippy dippy tree huggers.

Sharon was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease just before her son was born. She was covered from head to toe in a chronic rash and at times was wheelchair bound. On a concoction of very toxic drugs she decided she needed to find another way to get her health back.

After lots of research and a lot of trial-and-error she found a diet high in plant-based foods made a massive difference to her health. She gave up alcohol, processed foods and sugar and her sister went along for the ride with her. Lauretta retrained as a natural vegan chef and Sharon studied positive psychology. She is now rash free, off all drugs and back running. They both feel better than ever and are passionate about others finding their mojo too.

Lauretta and Sharon are also an established comedy double act and write, perform and act.