Why Woo-Woo Works:The Surprising Science Behind Meditation, Reiki, Crystals, and Other Alternative Practices- Dr David Hamilton


As we draw the curtains on Series 6, we're thrilled to bring you an extraordinary guest who bridges the realms of alternative treatments and science like no other. Joining us this week is the renowned Dr. David Hamilton

We explore the science behind our favorite alternative treatments, uncovering their profound effects on our well-being and the fascinating power of kindness.

From holistic therapies to mind-body connections, this conversation is not just inspiring; it's a testament to the incredible impact kindness can have, not only on others but on our own health and happiness. We delve into the science, the stories, and the transformative potential of embracing alternative approaches. Get ready to be motivated, uplifted, and reminded of the incredible power of kindness.

In this episode you'll discover:
· The science behind some of today's most popular alternative practices
· How your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs have healing power
· The benefits of nature and a holistic approach to healing
· A fascinating link between consciousness and human connection
· The relationship between suppressed emotions and disease


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