Staying at the detox barn?

So what can I expect?


5:00 pm - Check-in: Arrive start to embrace the beginning of your digital detox by switching off your phones and slipping into your lounge wear.

6:00 pm - Welcome Gathering and Talk: Join us for a warm welcome and an introductory talk to set the tone for your weekend of rejuvenation.

6:30 pm - Vegan Homemade Healthy Dinner: Indulge in a delectable vegan dinner crafted with locally-sourced ingredients, setting the stage for nourishment and relaxation.


7:45 am - Hot Lemon and Water: Wake up to a refreshing hot lemon and water delivery to your rooms, invigorating your senses for the day ahead.

8:15 am - All Levels Yoga Class: Begin your morning with a revitalizing yoga session suitable for all skill levels, fostering inner peace and physical wellness.

9:45 am - Breakfast Smoothie and Porridge: Fuel your body with a nutritious breakfast smoothie and hearty porridge, preparing you for a day of vitality and balance.

10:00 am - Smoothie Demo: Learn the art of creating the perfect smoothie and gain insights into holistic health practices, including exercise, sleep, and nutrition tips.

10:30 am to 1:00 pm - Free Time: Indulge in optional spa treatments such as massages, facials, or reflexology, curated to enhance your relaxation and well-being.

1:00 pm - Lunch: Enjoy a light and satisfying vegan lunch, providing sustenance for the afternoon ahead.

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Free Time: Take advantage of leisure time to engage in self-care activities, such as facials, massages, or quiet reading, tailored to your preferences.

5:30 pm - Guided Countryside Walk: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Suffolk countryside with a guided walk, connecting with nature and rejuvenating your spirit.

6:30 pm - Healthy Vegan Dinner: Delight in another sumptuous vegan dinner, showcasing the flavors of the season and nourishing your body from within.

7:30 pm - Sound Bath Session: Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound with a rejuvenating sound bath session, designed to promote relaxation and inner harmony.


7:45 am - Hot Lemon and Water: Awaken to another refreshing hot lemon and water delivery to your door, setting a refreshing tone for the final day of your retreat.

8:15 am - Yoga: Engage in a rejuvenating yoga session, guiding you towards inner harmony and physical alignment.

9:30 am - Healthy Vegan Brunch: Indulge in a hearty vegan brunch, savoring the flavors of wholesome ingredients and embracing the essence of nourishment.

10:00 am - Snacks Demo and Habit Talk: Learn how to prepare nutritious snacks and explore strategies for cultivating habits that support your well-being long-term.

11:00 am - Guided Meditation: Center your mind and cultivate inner peace with a guided meditation session, fostering clarity and tranquility.

11:30 am - Setting Intentions Around the Fire: Reflect on your journey and set intentions for the future in a heartfelt gathering around the fire.

12:00 pm - Farewells: Bid farewell to newfound friends and depart feeling refreshed, inspired, and equipped with tools for continued well-being.

Experience the tranquility and rejuvenation of Suffolk's countryside with our Gentle Detox Weekend Retreat.

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