How to Deal with Anxiety: The DARE Response with Barry McDonagh

In this insightful episode, Barry McDonagh, best-selling author and creator of the DARE response method, joins us to explore practical ways of managing anxiety. The conversation kicks off with a shared sentiment of gratitude from us, as Sharon’s son found relief through Barry's techniques.

Barry advocates for destigmatising anxiety, proposing its inclusion in school teachings. Barry shares his personal journey with anxiety, triggered by a debilitating panic attack during stressful exams. The discussion delves into the cultural and religious influences on intrusive thoughts and guilt, shedding light on the LGBTQ+ community's historical struggles.

Amidst personal revelations, including fears related to insomnia and child safety, Barry introduces the DARE response. We humorously navigate coping mechanisms, with Barry emphasising the importance of acceptance and diffusion of anxiety. The cultural significance of humour in anxiety management is explored.

Conquer your anxiety in this transformative episode, as Barry McDonagh unveils practical insights from the DARE response for you to discover effective techniques for managing anxiety, turning fear into excitement, and fostering gratitude for a more grounded life. Listen to discover how humour, self-love, and the DARE response can empower you to navigate life’s challenges with newfound strength and positivity. 

In this episode, we discuss:

- 2:51: Childhood anxieties and normalising anxiety 

- 5:56: Understanding depersonalisation and derealisation 

- 7:26: Catholic guilt and childhood intrusive thoughts 

- 10:13: Insomnia and its connection to anxiety 

- 14:32: Introduction to the DARE response 

- 19:01: Diffusing anxiety and accepting discomfort 

- 26:20: Our biggest fears 

- 35:07: The significance of practicing gratitudes 

- 38:08: Impact of self-love affirmations 

- 40:21: How to flip anxiety into excitement 

- 41:55: Importance of engaging with the present 

- 50:09: Link between anxiety and alcohol 

Learn more about the DARE response here: 


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