Revolutionising Healthcare Through Nutrition, with Kerstin Plehwe from PAN International




This week, we’re joined by Kerstin Plehwe, Vice Chair & CEO of PAN International, the Physicians Association for Nutrition, in a transformative dialogue about the profound impact of nutrition on wellbeing.

In this episode, we explore the critical connection between mental health and nutrition, shedding light on the link between burnout, depression, and dietary choices. Kerstin unravels the mission of PAN International, encouraging doctors to delve into the health impacts of nutrition, and reveals just how little time is spent on this aspect of medical education. The discussion delves into normalising junk food, PAN's initiative to revamp hospital and school meals, and the identification of the main preventable diseases through nutrition.

In the podcast, we discuss:

1:36: The connection between mental health and nutrition

5:40: Sharon’s journey: Healing and reversing an autoimmune disease through diet, nutrition and wellbeing

6:36: The positive impact of giving up alcohol

7:36: PAN's role in encouraging doctors to explore nutrition's health impacts

11:51: Why junk food is normalised in the UK, and PAN's mission to change this

16:55: Transforming hospital food for better patient outcomes

20:04: The state of nutrition in school meals and the need for change

25:48: Identifying main preventable diseases through nutrition

27:09: Non-negotiable health rituals

29:47: Benefits of incorporating smoothies

30:51: Kerstin's adventure as a ranger in South Africa

35:29: Embracing a minimalistic lifestyle

40:39: The importance of human resilience and openness to change

This episode offers a wealth of insight into why there’s a desperate need for nutrition to play a stronger role in society’s structures, starting with doctors and the healthcare system. We hope this gives you actionable steps towards a healthier and happier life.

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