Our story - from sickness to health

This week we talk candidly about how we went from beer swinging lushes to tee total vegans. In 2011 Sharon was struck down by a rare autoimmune disease, Dermatomyositis a rare skin and muscle disease that left her practically in a wheelchair. She was put on a concoction of medicines and was told to accept her “new normal.” There was no cure, but they told her they could manage the disease through drugs.

After losing most of her hair, little improvement on her muscles and a very extreme skin rash, she went on a mission to find another way. We discuss the highs and lows of trying to get well at a time where my husband had just left me and we were struggling with small kids. We decided to turn our backs on the bottle of red to cope and turned to wheatgrass and turmeric shots and we’ve never looked back.

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