Rebuilding Life Through Running, Willpower, and Recovery with Ed Rios

 This week on the podcast, we talk to Ed Rios, a testament to the transformative power of willpower, running, and resilience. Ed shares a poignant journey of overcoming loss, battling through a tragic accident, and defying a bleak prognosis.

In this episode, we delve into:

01:58: Discovering the Healing Power of Running

Ed recounts his path to embracing running as a means of coping with grief and loss, shifting from a period of heavy drinking to a healthier lifestyle.

12:51: Ed’s accident

Ed’s life takes an unexpected turn during a run in Cornwall, where a car accident leaves him with severe injuries, testing his mental and physical strength.

25:26: Defying the Odds: From Prognosis to Marathon

Refusing to accept a prognosis that he might not walk properly again, Ed sets a daring goal—to run a marathon within 18 months. His journey of recovery becomes a testament to determination.

30:54: Stretching and Rehabilitation

Ed shares the importance of stretching and how it played a crucial role in his rehabilitation after the accident. Pilates, once met with reluctance, becomes a cornerstone of his recovery.

37:08: The Power of Willpower

A discussion ensues on the importance of willpower in achieving goals, with Ed’s story standing as a remarkable example.

42:49: The Relaxing Nature of Running

Ed reflects on the calming effect running has on his mind and how it allows him to switch off from the stresses of life.

43:28: Confronting a Blood Cancer Diagnosis

Ed opens up about his blood cancer diagnosis, highlighting the role of a healthy lifestyle—exercise, balanced nutrition, no smoking, and limited alcohol consumption—in managing his condition.

44:38: How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Boost Your Immune System and Suppress Illness

Sharon shares her perspective on the silver lining of health challenges, emphasising how they can become blessings, propelling individuals towards healthier lifestyles.

48:55: The Importance of Morning Routines

The trio discusses the significance of morning routines, setting the tone for a day of achievements and well-being.

Ed’s story is a testament to the extraordinary healing power of running and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. Join us in this inspiring episode and discover the profound impact of willpower and resilience in overcoming life’s challenges. Remember, your own health journey is a marathon and not a sprint!

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